Commercial Terms

The Commercial Terms are binding for all the relationships arisen by concluding a Contract for sale of goods. The Commercial Terms adhere to the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code, as subsequently amended. If the customer is a private person, the relationships are defined by the Civil Code and the specific texts of these Terms, which are in contradiction with the Code, are invalid for him/her. The Contract for sale of goods is entered when the seller receives a duly-filled-in order form by the buyer. By sending the order, the buyer affirms his/her consent to these Commercial Terms and the Complaint Procedure. 

  • Cancellation of an order may be realized in 6 hours after acknowledgement of the order.
  • Later cancellation of an order is only possible after having agreed with the internet shop provider.
  • If a customer has selected payment by a bank transfer and then s/he and the internet shop provider agree to cancel the order, the money will be refunded to her/him in 7 weekdays after having received the payment to the account.
  • The seller is entitled to void a contract if the customer does not accept or refuses to accept the goods.
  • If an agreed amount has not been paid to the seller’s account by the agreed date, it is also a reason to void a contract. The date of payment is understood as the day when money is credited to the seller’s account, cash payment or payment to the transporting company when taking the consignment. 

Complaint Procedure

Terms of guarantee adhere to the valid legal regulations.

Guarantee does not cover defects arisen by:

  • fair wear and tear
  • incorrect use of the product
  • incorrect handling
  • not following the instructions indicated on products and in package leaflets 

The buyer is obliged to let the seller know immediately after finding a defect, by emailing to, calling to phone number 608 28 28 18 or writing to the address indicated within the contact details. 

Obligations of Buyer (Customer)

Before taking the consignment from the transporting company, the buyer is obliged to check if the consignment has not been damaged during transport. To check contents of the consignment in case of any doubts. The goods determined to be complained must be forwarded to the seller, it must be clean and in original packing, including all the accessories, or secured against damage during transport. The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods to be complained at her/his own expenses. The goods under complaint, which is sent at the seller’s expenses, will not be accepted. The customer must present a proof of payment along with the damaged goods.

Obligations of Seller

The complaint procedure is started on the date of acceptance of the goods under complaint. If the complaint is justified the seller is obliged to exchange the goods for a perfect piece or to refund the fair amount for the faulty product, based on a credit note signed by the claiming party. When the goods is exchanged, guarantee period is not reset; it is just extended with the period for which the goods was kept within the complaint procedure. The seller handles complaint immediately and in 30 days after initiating the complaint procedure at the latest.

Unjustified Complaint

In case of an unjustified complaint the seller will charge the buyer with all the associated costs. The goods will be sent back to him/her in the form of cash on delivery or s/he will be allowed to collect it by herself/himself. If a consignment, which was passed through a proper complaint procedure, has not been collected within 90 days after initiation of the complaint procedure, the seller is entitled to use such goods according to his/her own decision. After such a period elapses the buyer has no claim for any financial or other compensation.