How to Purchase

Retail sale is only intended for sales within the Czech Republic.

Products within our internet Kouzelné hračky – Magic Toys jare classified in several categories. The products may be – besides the initial arrangement – arranged pursuant to price or name.


If you want to find a specific item, you can use ‘searching’. The searching device will find everything which includes your entered expression.

Product Detail and Adding to Cart

To enlarge a photo and display detailed information, please, click straight on the product, which you are interested in. If you decide to buy such a product, just click the ‘Add to cart’ button. Later on, you might modify – exclude or change number of pieces direct in the shopping cart, where all the selected items are displayed.


To confirm your ordered items click the ‘Order’ button. You will be prompted to enter all the data necessary for invoicing and delivering the goods. And you can also select the transport and payment methods here.

Transport Method

  • Taking the goods personally
  • Forwarding company General Parcel
  • Czech Post Service

Transport by forwarding company General Parcel means ‘delivering the consignment to a private address’. The driver will get in touch with you in advance and you will arrange date and time of the delivery with her/him. If the date or time is not convenient for you, you can arrange alternative time or date of the delivery; the driver will always contact you by phone.

Payment Method

  • Cash when taking the goods personally.
  • Bank transfer – you will receive an email containing a pro-forma invoice and the total sum, based on which the payment will be realized to the credit of account no. 209383030/0300. The goods will be dispatched to you in 24 hours after receiving the payment on the seller’s account.
  • Cash on delivery – the payment will be realized when transport company has delivered the consignment.

Transport and Package Price

Package is free of charge in our internet shop. If the purchase price is over 2000,- CZK, incl. VAT, transport is free of charge as well.

Transport Taking the goods personally Forwarding company GP Czech Post Service
Cash payment free of charge - -
Bank transfer free of charge 90,-Kč incl. VAT 100,-Kč incl. VAT
Při platbě dobírkou - 120,-Kč incl. VAT 130,-Kč incl. VAT

After receiving a proper filled-in order form you will be sent an email acknowledging the order acceptance. All the orders accepted in our internet shop are binding. Delivery date is in 7 weekdays after receiving an order, at the latest. If any item is not available on stock, you will be informed on that immediately by electronic mail or by phone and you will be allowed to alter such an order or to cancel the missing items.